CD 32 – Raj Bhakta & (Very) Old Armagnac

My guest is Raj Bhakta. Raj is a true practitioner of the art of cultural debris. From founding one of the first premium whiskey brands, Whistle Pig—based out of Vermont, of all places—to buying an actual college at auction, Raj is not one to limit himself.

We talk about all of those things, but especially Raj and I discuss the oldest known spirit, Armagnac, and his discovery of a great horde of Armagnac at a chateau in France, with vintages dating back over a century and a half. Raj bought it all, and the chateau, and launched Bhakta Spirits. We discuss everything from Armagnac to the Apprentice (and the guy who hosted it), but mostly Armagnac. And a little bourbon.


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