CD 06 – Books, Bibles, & Murder with J. Mark Bertrand

J. Mark Bertrand is the author of the Roland March mystery trilogy and the purveyor of the aforementioned Bible Design Blog. But Mark has seemingly been lying low the past few years, and in this podcast you’ll find out why.

We explore what Mark has been up to, whether we’ll see any more books from his pen, and the inspiration he found at a coroner’s convention. The discussion drifts into what is Christian fiction and what is “good” Christian fiction. Plus, we talk Bibles including the impact of Bible Design Blog and the revolution of Bible publishing over the past 15 years. We touch on the Bibliotheca reader’s Bible and the new Word on Fire Gospels, and discuss if the latter might help pave the way for a renaissance in Catholic Bible publishing like we’ve seen in evangelical Bible publishing.

And if you’re interested in sticking around, Mark and I talk some about fun things, well, fun to us, like briefcases and book shopping. We both share our most serendipitous bookstore finds, and revel in the joy of disordered bookshops.

Bible Design Blog

Roland March Mystery Book Series

Hearing the Music Podcast with J. Mark Bertrand

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‘A Visit to R.L. Allan’, by Alan Cornett

Books mentioned:

The Eight Doors of the Kingdom, and Searching For and Maintaining Peace, by Fr Jacques Philippe

Japanese Paper-Making, by Kiyofusa Narita

The Lost Book of the Grail, by Charlie Lovett

First Garden, by C.Z. Guest

Bibliotheca Reader’s Bible

R.L. Allan ESV

Word on Fire Gospels